Fukuoka-South East Rotary Club banner story


"Strength, unity (bonds)"

Fukuoka South East Rotary Club of located in Fukuoka.
We have re-created a banner to commemorate the 40th anniversary in February 2010.
"Without the Yamakasa festival it is not Hakata!!"
This work expresses the "strength and unity" of the heroic men carrying one ton
 Yamakasa float
It expresses the"cleanness" with it’s neat blue and delicate Ori weave pattern .
Hakata Ori does not come apart easily once tightened.
This weave expresses our " bonds".


Hakata Gion Yamakasa

This festival is said to originate from the legend that ,Syouichikokushi, the founder of Jotenji Templescattered sacred water on the street to get rid of the plague in1241.
Come the 1st of July, the town of Hakata becomes filled with a festive mood, with floats over 10 meters high exhibited at 14 spots around the town. The climax of the festival is around a minute before 5 o’clock on the morning of July 15th. Under the gaze of many people who have gathered in the middle of the night, at the sound of a drum, men carrying the Yamakasa float dash out with full speed into the streets of Hakata. This vigorous festival, designated as a National Intangible Folk Heritage, is worth seeing at least once in your lifetime

Hakata Ori (folk woven textile)

Hakata Ori (woven textile) is a local folk craft with 760 years of tradition.
Its weaving technique was originally brought to Japan from China in the Kamakura Era by a local merchant of Hakata named Mitsuda Yazaemon, who added a distinctive touch to the original technique and created Hakata-Ori. Kuroda Province preserved it as a local specialty and it became famous all around Japan. Recently, the traditional design of Hakata Ori has been incorporated in everyday items and the original blend of old tradition and modern taste has gained a high reputation from home and abroad.